Senior Architect
1. Around 19 years of experience as a technology professional adept in Enterprise Software Design and Development 2. Strength lies in architecting microservices using Spring Boot, OAuth2, PCF, AWS, multi-tier web-based applications primarily on the J2EE platform. 3. Extensively played the role of Scrum Master, Development lead and Individual contributor 4. Expertise in Agile Framework and as a Scrum master cum development lead have conducted/involved in activities like Sprint planning, Scrum meetings, Sprint review, Sprint retrospective, Backlog grooming. Extensively used Agile tools like Target Process and JIRA etc for effectively tracking the project’s progress. 5. Extensively played the role of onsite co-ordinator and development lead 6. Having expertise in TDD and BDD using JBehave and Cucumber 7. Extensively worked in Agile Methodologies like Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban etc 8. Well versed with AWS, I have designed the completed Infrastructure for the projects worked on. 9. Displayed ample skills in all different phases of SDLC including requirement elicitation, analysis, design and development of multi tier software systems 10. Worked closely with stakeholders and focus groups to develop solutions that align strategy, processes, and IT assets with business goals while also avoiding redundancy, minimizing expenditures, and improving overall synergy. 11. Worked closely with the Presales team and came with many POCs 12. Ample experience in the field of batch ingestion having implemented Ingestion System using varied technologies across several platforms 13. Have been an avid follower of the continuous integration process 14. Proven track record of leading teams to be self-sufficient, business-aligned, and customer-focused
+ years
Amazon S3 (AWS S3)





Struts, Spring, Hibernate, myBatis, Apache Camel, Oauth2.


React, Node.js, Booking.com API, Google APIs, Lodash, Facebook API, REST APIs, Google Cloud API, Doctrine 2, Doctrine, Google Maps, Google Maps API, Google Maps JavaScript API 3, Facebook SDK, Facebook Messenger API, Messenger SDK, Sinon.JS, Chai


ANT, Maven, Git, Apache


Continuous Integration (CI)


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), Docker, Apache2, AWS Lambda, RDS, DYNAMODB, SQS, API Gateway, SNS, AZURE AD B2C.


MySQL, MongoDB, Dynamo DB, Elasticsearch, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Oracle, DB2, Sybase 

Industry Expertise

Banking, Insurance software: Micro Services, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Applications Integration, SOA, Distributed Systems.


Eclipse, STS, RAD, CVS, SVN, IBM AIX, Tomcat, Web sphere, Jetty Container, Jenkins, Bamboo, JUnit, JMock, Rest Assured, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, myBatis, Ehcache, Redis, DAX, JAX-WS, Axis, CXF. Jersey, Spring Boot, Boss Fuse, PCF (Paas), Cloudforge Console (Saas), Docker, J2EE

Professional experience

Senior Architect


2021 – Current

Project 1

Client : UMG

Role: Senior Architect

Period: From July 2021

Role and Responsibilities

  • Senior Architect
  • Individual Contributor/Lead Developer
  • Designed and Implemented Security Solutions using Spring Security 5.0, OAuth2 Framework, Microsoft Azure AD B2C, Microsoft Graph API, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon Dynamo DB Accelerator (DAX), SQS, Splunk, Grafana, Postman, Mockoon, Docker, Kubernetes, Rest Assured API Testing
  • Single point of contact for all the technical requirements for the Application
  • Taking care of onboarding consumer applications

Project Lead

DXC Technology

2015 – 2021

Project 2

Client : Liberty Mutual, US

Duration : March 2015 – June 2021

Technologies:J2EE, EJB 2.0, JSP, JMS, DB2, Windows NT 4.0/98 , PVCS, SVN, RAD Websphere 6.0,XMLBeans

Role and Responsibilities

  • Architected microservices using Spring Boot
  • Architected EDM Batch Ingestion application
  • Developed Spring Boot Microservices
  • Designed and built Curfew service in PCF
  • Implementation of Swagger UI for making Restful webservices calls for the business/support
  • Built Single Page Dashboard using Angular js
  • Key Architecture Decisions a. Migrating informatica jobs to Spring Batch up for performance improvement b. Designed and built Purge Service for scalability c. Architected the Claim Adapter which works seamlessly to receive data from upstream system, process and sending the same to the downstream systems d. Use of AWS S3 to store the payloads from the upstream system e. Recommendation of Spring batch for the adapters f. Proposed and built AWS MYSQL RDS database g. Implementation of Flyway for database migration h. Ping/Oauth security implementation i. Enablement of auto deployment in Bamboo to handle the dynamic secrets j. Built a Suspense Clearing service using Spring scheduler that will take care of re trying the failed transactions without manual intervention
  • Worked closely with the Presales team to create various POCs
  • Responsible for the complete System Architecture including environment setup/provisioning.
  • Formulated the Devops process including branching strategy, version control, build and deployment via Bamboo and static code analysis using Sonar.
  • Worked as a Full-time developer during development sprint
  • Have chaired many sprint ceremonies like Spring retrospective, Sprint review, Sprint planning etc
  • Individual Contributor

Project Lead

Kumaran Systems

2014 – 2019

Project 3

Client: Monitise, UK

Tools : SQOOP, Hive, Impala, Talend, Spark, Kafka

Solution Environment: UNIX, DB2, Hadoop 2.5.0-CDH 5.3.3

Role: Specialist

Duration : Sep 2009 – Feb 2015

Technologies : J2EE-JDBC 2.0, EJB 2.0, MDB, Struts 1.1, JSP, OC4J, Oracle10g, WindowNT 4.0/98 and WinCVS 1.2

Role and Responsibilities

  • Involved in requirements gathering and low level designing
  • Involved in development applications using JBoss Fuse ESB and Apache camel
  • Designed and developed Rules Framework for sending Alert messages
  • Coding and Unit Testing
  • Leading the entire the offshore development team and onsite-offshore co-ordination
  • Involved in defect fixing both client and server side
  • Played the role of a scrum master involved in backlog grooming, Spring planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective and defect triaging
  • Resolving technical debts and providing value additions for the product
  • Initiating daily scrum and supporting development team
  • Involved in hiring people
  • Individual Contributor




Master of Computer Applications

Bharathidasan University – Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.

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