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How the wrong AWS Hire can cost your business

Read to know what areas are affected by the wrong AWS hire.

In the marathon of digital transformation, hiring the top AWS talents has become a major challenge.

The pressure is to find the right talent for the demand, with control over time and investment, and achieve the proposed projects. This calls for mandating a secure hiring protocol to avoid the wrong hire.

Does a wrong hire impact business? Yes, absolutely.

A thorough analysis of what and how much a bad hire might cost would offer you a clearer perspective.

Cost on Hiring

From job advertisements to hackathons, recruiters' fees, onboarding, training, and salary, the company is losing money in the event of a wrong hire.

Did you know? Russia leads the list for incurring losses over wrong hires, followed by China, Brazil, India, and the USA.

In a recent survey, three out of ten companies in India have stated that even one bad hire costs companies and employers an average of over INR 20 lakhs.

Waste on Time

As the saying goes, “There is no greater harm than time wasted." The time invested in sourcing candidates, shortlisting resumes, certificate verification, and interviewing for a wrong hire is nothing but time wasted by the management.

Technical testing is an important criterion to consider when hiring techies, requiring a significant investment of resources and staff that will go in vain in the case of a wrong hire.

Lower Productivity

Productivity is not an immediate result, and especially when hiring a technical candidate, whether they are an expert or a newbie on cloud products, achieving the output takes time with understanding and attempting to suit the company’s needs. Time and energy spent are affected if the hired employee is not an ideal fit for the planned project, thus resulting in a loss of productivity for the organization.

Reputation Loss

A bad hire can affect the balance of work in the team and weaken the functionality of the project, eventually resulting in a conflict that may affect the rating of the company. Upon losing their reputation, regaining the trust of clients, vendors, and stakeholders can be difficult.

Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the HR team to uphold the morale of the organization and keep the hiring process leakproof.

Furthermore, this may result in creating a talent bottleneck—that is, when an AWS specialist seeking a job transition to your firm may have doubts about the causes of the high rate of attrition, which could severely harm the company's talent pool.

Ultimately, the impact of a wrong hire would be severe, so careful planning has to be done by the hiring managers to keep the hiring process watertight from end to end.

To leave you with a pro-tip, understand the needs of your business, reach out for support from reputed sources for hiring, and be critical in hand-picking profiles for your AWS talent hunt in this competitive tech market.

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