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Not long ago, the norm would be to graduate from college, get any job with a great salary and stick to it

Not long ago, the norm would be to graduate from college, get any job with a great salary and stick to it.

But now, with the change to the new Gig economy, the alternative is to graduate with a specific set of skills, find a contract position in your field, or the traditional way of getting a full-time job opportunity gaining valuable work experience as you do so. To some people, this new way of working as an independent contractor has become a very satisfying and rewarding experience, with lots of benefits while the others stick to full-time opportunities.

Here in Agilisium CoCreator, we provide you Contract as well as Full-time job opportunities based on your skillsets and experience with the benefit of working from anywhere around the globe.

Agilisium CoCreator:

Agilisium CoCreator is a branch of Agilisium, a global consulting firm focusing on AWS technology, Cloud migration and Digital Transformation. Agilisium CoCreator is an ecosystem where we bridge knowledge gaps between our prospects/existing global clients to identify ideal candidatures from one of the largest pools of AWS certified professionals in the area of Data Analytics, DevOps, Big Data and Web Apps for contracts of full-time, part-time, freelance, onshore, offshore. We deliver on our client’s purpose by understanding their customer value, Investing in technology that drives resilience, agility and promoting innovation.

Benefits of Agilisium CoCreator:

Agilisium CoCreator supports remote working for our global employees/contractors. We believe in flexibility, transparency, and reliance applicable both ways. Below are some points explaining why Agilisium CoCreator will help you advance your career growth to the next level:

Work From Anywhere: The savings you’ll incur on your cost of living will be huge as you don’t have to relocate. You’ll also have flexibility and freedom to choose your working hours. With all these, you’ll be leading a better work/life balance.

Work on some cool projects: By joining Agilisium CoCreator, you will be a part of a growing global talent momentum that provides challenging global projects from your home location. While you contribute with your knowledge and skills, we will provide you with eminent career growth

Work Culture: As you join our organization, you will see that the work culture in Agilisium CoCreator is very transparent and flexible making sure that you lead a peaceful work/life balance. This will let you have a good time working effectively.

Our onboarding process: As your resume hits our inbox, our expert recruiters will connect with you for an expansive discussion to know about your work experience followed by a brief interview with our panel to check your capabilities, everything from there will be taken care of by us, from career support to perks and legal issues. Once you are identified by our clients, you will be able to work on some cool projects with Agilisium CoCreator where people and work evolve in a borderless workplace. This will help you in saving time and reducing your expense, giving you peace of mind, and letting you not worry about the rigorous search for a job.

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